"Changing the face of coalfields communities."


Coalfields Community Investment Programme (England)

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the 5.5 million people living in Britain’s former mining communities. Many of these communities still require support due to the huge impact the closure of the mines had upon them.

The Coalfields Community Investment Programme (England) is a £500,000 fund created to support activities that tackle some of the key challenges that still remain in coalfield communities. The fund is open to projects that deliver in the top 30% most deprived coalfield communities and that will make a positive difference in addressing the following themes:

Skills: Growing the skills of people in order to provide clear progression routes to higher level training and/or employment opportunities. This may include responding to needs of a particular sector/employer in the area who requires specific training in order to increase the chances of employing individuals; providing numeracy/literacy/IT in order for individuals to access the first steps of seeking volunteering or employment opportunities.

Employment: Developing pathways to increase the number of people in work.

Health: Supporting projects that increase participation in activities/services that improve the health and wellbeing of people in former coalfield communities.

The total fund value of £500,000 will be committed over the period 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017 at four decision making Committees which will take place quarterly (£125,000 allocated to each Committee).

To help us manage demand, each Committee will only consider applications that address one of the themes above. The Committee schedule is as follows:

April 2016 Committee (Skills) – we are no longer accepting applications for this Committee.

July 2016 Committee (Employment) – we are no longer accepting applications for this Committee.

October 2016 Committee (Health) – we are no longer accepting applications for this Committee.

January 2017 Committee (Skills) – we are no longer accepting applications for this Committee.

Applications can be submitted for up to £10,000 (with a maximum of £2,000 on capital items). To find out if your activity will benefit one of our priority target areas,  click on the appropriate Region list:

East Midlands Kent North East North West West Midlands Yorkshire

For general enquiries, please contact the team on 01226 272811 or email crt.england@coafields-regen.org.uk