"Changing the face of coalfields communities."


Enterprising Communities Programme (England)

The Enterprising Communities Programme (ECP) aims to stimulate community enterprise in coalfield communities.

The ECP has three main objectives:

  • To support the development of coalfield organisations to become more enterprising and sustainable
  • To support the development and sustainability of community assets, such as buildings and land, for the wider benefit of the local community
  • To develop a membership of connected coalfield organisations and respond to their needs

How to Join the ECP

  • Step 1: If you would like to join the programme please read the Eligibility Criteria and Offer document below and determine whether the support provided would meet your requirements. For further information please contact our Social Investment Manager on 01226 272818 or stephen.abson@coalfields-regen.org.uk
  • Step 2: Following the initial enquiry, if your organisation is eligible we will email a link to the Organisational Diagnostic Tool for you to complete which will capture information about your organisation. This process will prompt you to consider and consolidate your own thoughts and aspirations and help to focus on how you would like to develop as an organisation.
  • Step 3: Once the Organisational Diagnostic is complete we will receive notification and will then email you a copy of the completed form for your information.
  • Step 4: We will assess the form to determine how best we can assist you with your development needs.
  • Step 5: We aim to work with as many organisations as possible but as each organisation will have different needs we will have to prioritise working with those organisations that have the greatest potential to progress. In order to ensure your organisation gets the most out of the Enterprising Communities Programme ideally two or more people from your organisation need to be available to work with the Social Investment Manager. This will ensure joint ownership and learning within your organisation.
  • Step 6: We will arrange to discuss your needs in more detail. The Social Investment Manager aims to be as supportive as possible through the variety of resources at their disposal.

Eligibility and Offer