"Changing the face of coalfields communities."



WHAT WE DO – 2016

CRT has set out a range of priorities for the organisation, these include:

Playing the role of champion for coalfield areas, celebrating the tradition and heritage of ex-mining areas while highlighting the legacy of needs in these areas.

  • Focusing more explicitly on building capacity in our most fragile coalfield communities, and where we and others have found it difficult to invest in the past.
  • Finding new and creative ways to address worklessness; the single most important challenge facing coalfield communities in Scotland today.
  • Attracting outside financial, physical and other resources into coalfield communities in order to protect our previous investments and reduce our reliance on support from the Scottish Government.
  • Developing into a more independent and authoritative voice for coalfield communities, one that is best placed to pursue unique Scottish priorities.



The core of the CRT Strategy for Scotland is to build on our success by encouraging use of local resources in a way that enhances economic opportunities while improving social conditions in a sustainable way. Our overarching priority is to develop community capacity; everything that we do is about supporting coalfield communities. An outline of current activity is as follows:



Coalfields Community Network

The Coalfields Community Network aims to help community and voluntary groups and those who support them through the challenges they face in an increasingly complex funding environment.

Coalfields Community Ambassadors

The Coalfields Ambassadors are a voice for CRT on the ground acting as a bridge between their communities and the formal network of services in their area. 

Coalfields Community Investment Programme

Grants to help smaller community and voluntary organisations in Scotland’s coalfield communities deliver regeneration activities. 

  • Coalfields Small Grants – £500 to £5,000 (likely to be in the region of £3,000)
  • Coalfields Anchor Fund – Up to £30,000 (likely to be in the region of £15,000) for Anchor Organisations with a Coalfields Community Futures Action Plan


Coalfields Community Futures Programme

A community led regeneration that encourages active citizenship and builds local democracy, this programme involves supporting ex-mining communities that have not benefited substantially from external funding from the Trust and partner funders.

Coalfields Youth Bank Initiative

CRT has helped to set up and support YouthBanks in Clackmannanshire, East Ayrshire, East Lothian and Fife. The YouthBanks will support young people to help them create a platform to place themselves as key decision makers in their community by fundraising and facilitating projects that benefit their community and the changes they want to see. If you are interested in establishing a Youth Bank in your coalfield community please contact pauline.grandison@coalfields-regen.org.uk.

Coalfields Sport Works

Working in partnership with local projects we will deliver a motivational employment and sport based programme to help young people across the coalfield communities find work.

Coalfields Longannet Initiative

Following the closure of the Longannet Power Station, the Coalfields Regeneration Trust is working with local residents, businesses and the Task Force Project Team to address the issues this will create.



Coalfields Enterprise Programme

A programme to support the development of Coalfield Social Enterprises offering a unique combination of mentoring, training and if possible, funding. The Coalfields Enterprise Programme aims to stimulate community enterprise and grow the social investment market in coalfield communities. 

Coalfields Regeneration School

A programme of training and development for enterprising organisations within the voluntary and community sectors.

Coalfields Vocal Eyes

A digital project which will help CRT to bring people together to work towards a common vision, develop relationships between stakeholders and facilitate and enable people to find local solutions to local problems. We will help to build the capacity of local community groups and support them to identify their priority projects and actions that will help local residents to become better equipped to drive forward local community action.

Coalfields Training and Learning

We are developing our training services and ‘offer’ to our communities in Scotland with a particular emphasis on skills and learning that will build on our current community empowerment initiatives. We will equip learners with the knowledge and skills to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens.



Big Lottery, Our Place, Shortlees

Is a place-based initiative that aims to build stronger connections and relationships in communities, empowering local people and organisations to bring about positive changes in their neighbourhood. Our Place represents a different way of investing Lottery funding based around community priorities and a vision statement set by local people.



We are always interested in speaking to new organisations about developing mutually beneficial partnership opportunities and would welcome a conversation from potential partners.

Coalfields Strategic Programmes

A programme of targeted investment to develop a more strategic and focussed orientation to our work.


Developing CRT income generation activities and securing contracts and Service Level Agreements.

Partnership Working

One of our key strengths has been our ability to develop positive relationships with like-minded organisations. This is an essential element in maximising the benefit of our programmes and services delivered in coalfield communities.