Despite having a life-changing impact on the people that we have been able to engage with over the years we are aware that there is still a job to be done. The impact of the mine closures continues to blight our communities and that is why we need to continue to invest in these areas to make a lasting and positive difference.

Every penny that we receive will be used to support our Programmes, which in turn means that we can make a difference both now and for generations to come. Working with many organisations throughout the country, we develop relationships that allow our partners to meet their own objectives, as well as our own.

In order to provide some context and to showcase what your donation could mean to us, as just one example, £30 an hour could fund two coaches to deliver a physical activity session engaging young people in a disadvantaged area, which would make a positive impact and reduce anti-social behaviour.

Clearly this isn't the only programme of activity we deliver, every single £1 donated will enable us to increase the funding  available in former coalfield areas to support employment, skills and health related projects.