The Coalfields Regeneration Trust will once again deliver its successful sports-based programme, Game On to former mining towns and villages throughout the country.

The football focused programme, takes children who would typically find it difficult to access sporting clubs or organised social groups, and delivers training sessions to children and young adults living in some of the most socially deprived coalfield communities.

Working with partners to deliver the sporting sessions, which take place once and twice a week depending on the location, will engage with hundreds of children to give them access to training and tournaments to improve their general health and fitness but also their social skills.

Kat Clarke, Development Manager of Game On at the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Kat Clarke said: “Having reviewed the impact reports from Game On from previous years it is clear that this programme really does change the attitudes of young people living in coalfield communities up and down the country. The coaches and volunteers who help to bring this initiative to life, giving up their time to host two training sessions a week, have had a real and lasting impact on the young people in their areas.

She adds: “I'm really looking forward to working with more clubs and to encouraging as many coalfield areas as possible to get involved and to give young people something to do in their spare time that will keep them fit, active and out of trouble."

In addition to the obvious benefits that are delivered as a result of being involved with a football team including health and sporting skills, these young people also have the chance to learn real-life lessons such as how to interact with other age groups, communities and professional third-party organisations.

Working closely with partners to ensure that the programme is professionally delivered, Coalfields Regeneration Trust monitors the positive outcomes that are reported as a result of the activity.

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has been supporting the coalfield communities for nearly 20 years. Providing practical help to coalfields organisations and social enterprises, plus funding that supports varied activities with a focus on employment, skills and health the organisation continues to have a positive impact on coalfield areas throughout England, Scotland and Wales.