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Poor health is one of the most widespread challenges coalfield communities have to face. At the Coalfields Regeneration Trusts we appreciate there are many things in our lives that can impact upon our physical and mental wellbeing and we want to give people the support they need.

Our Communities Active programme is the trusts targeted area based approach to improve local resident’s health and wellbeing. These community level interventions are delivered in set priority places at neighbourhood level through the deployment of a Health and Wellbeing Activator. 

Our Health and Wellbeing Activators aim to provide:

  • One to One bespoke support to local residents wanting to overcome barriers and improve their health and wellbeing.
  • An increase in local health and wellbeing activities through the direct delivery of sessions or supporting local groups to create new provision. 

We are currently delivering the programme in partnership with the Five Towns Primary Care Network in set priority places in the five towns area of Wakefield. More information on each specific area based project can be found below:


More Information Coming Soon

More Information Coming Soon

Interested in accessing our one to one support?

Anyone living in the five towns area of Wakefield can access support from one of our locally based Health and Wellbeing Activators.

What services do we offer?

  • One to One coaching support to help you achieve your goals and overcome your barriers.
  • Befriending service to help you build the confidence you may need to try something new.
  • Identify and connect you into suitable local services, groups, activities and social opportunities.
  • Provide information and guidance you may need to help you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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