Big Lottery, Our Place, Shortlees

CRT in Scotland are contracted to deliver the Big Lottery Our Place Initiative in Shortlees. Read more

Children’s Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

As part of the ALEC fund we raise awareness of the UNCRC for organisations and their staff. Read more

Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund (ALEC Fund)

The ALEC Fund supports CRT in Scotland to deliver outcomes that improve opportunities for adult learning and building community capacity. We are delivering lifelong, learner-centred adult learning as described in Scottish Government’s Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition. Read more

Coalfields Asset Development Support

Our support programme aims to help develop both an enterprise culture and skills with key local organisations and to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding to deliver projects creating services and jobs. We have looked at what is happening and the communities we wish to reach, what we do best and how we can improve. Read more

Coalfields Youth Bank Initiative

The Coalfield YouthBanks Initiative is a partnership project delivered in conjunction with YouthBanks Scotland. Youthbanks are an established way of working with and supporting young people to help them create a platform to place themselves as key decision makers in their community by fundraising for and facilitating projects that benefit their community and make the change they want to see. Read more

Coalfields Community Ambassadors

The Coalfields Ambassadors are a voice for CRT on the ground acting as a bridge between their communities and the formal network of services in their area. Read more

The Coalfields Community Futures Programme

The Coalfields Community Futures Programme is an approach to local community planning and sustainable community development that aims to encourage active citizenship and build local democracy. It enables communities to devise a community action plan which makes a case for the things that the community thinks are important and wishes to make happen. Read more

Coalfields Longannet Initiative

Following the closure of the Longannet Power Station, CRT are working with local residents, businesses and the Task Force Project Team to address the issues they are facing as a result of the recent early closure of Longannet Power Station. We will support local people and communities to identify for themselves the issues and opportunities in coalfield areas, deciding what to do about them, and being responsible for delivering the action that will make a difference. Read more