The Coalfields Community Enterprise Support

The Coalfields Enterprise Programme aims to stimulate community enterprise and grow the social investment market in coalfield communities.Read more

The Coalfields Regeneration School

Since establishing its Coalfields Community Challenge programme in 2011 to address the continuing issue of poor employment prospects in former coalfields areas, The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has identified a significant element of Third Sector, community and voluntary organisations which maintain a reliance on grant funding.Read more

Coalfields Longannet Initiative

The closure of Longannet Power Station will have significant impact on the communities of West Fife and Clackmannanshire and it is important that we work with the community organisations locally to rebuild community and capacity following the closure of Longannet and build on the work already undertaken through the Coalfields Community Futures programme.Read more

Coalfields Community Futures

Our overarching priority is to develop community capacity; everything that we do is about supporting coalfield communities.Read more