Volunteer Awards

26 participants took part in two area-based cohorts: Clackmannanshire and Prestonpans and one generic cohort with learners from Stirlingshire, Fife and South Lanarkshire. Of these, 25 achieved an SQA Volunteering Award, 4 at level 5 and 21 at level 3. The programme was based solely on attaining the volunteering award. Overall the achievement rate was 97%.Read more

The Coalfields Parents into Work

In Fauldhouse, West Lothian the Coalfields Regeneration Trust in Scotland delivered a ‘Parents into Work’ programme which had 13 participants; 11 went on to gain jobs (8) or further education (3).  In total, 26 SQA qualifications were gained by participants (volunteer awards/steps into work).Read more

The Coalfields Young Leaders Programme

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has helped seven Youthbanks to develop; they build on young people’s skills and experiences to enable them to give cash for action, funding young people’s ideas for the benefit of the wider community.Read more

Sports Works

In 2016/17, three programmes were delivered involving 25 individuals from Clackmannanshire, Cumnock and Blantyre.  Each programme had three parts: employability training, sports and leisure opportunities and volunteering. Thirteen participants took the volunteering option and successfully completed the SQA Level3 Volunteering Award.Read more

The Coalfields Regeneration School

Since establishing its Coalfields Community Challenge programme in 2011 to address the continuing issue of poor employment prospects in former coalfields areas, The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has identified a significant element of Third Sector, community and voluntary organisations which maintain a reliance on grant funding.Read more