"Changing the face of coalfields communities."


About Us

We were established in 1999 and have invested over £260m in activities that have made a positive and lasting difference to the lives of people and their communities. We know there is a need to continue this work given the challenges that still exist in these communities and we will continue to focus support where it is needed the most.

We operate as a social enterprise delivering services that benefit our communities. We are also a social investor and will utilise our funds to invest in activity that creates positive social impact and generates a return on investment for us. Our business micro loans will act as a catalyst for individuals looking to start their own business and our small grants will provide much needed support for community organisations.

We deliver programmes and services that;

  • support people into work
  • improve skills and help people gain qualifications
  • create pathways into volunteering
  • improve health
  • develop sustainable solutions for community facilities
  • engage young people in positive activities
  • grow new businesses and social enterprises
  • provide community development support

We work in the heart and soul of coalfield communities, investing resources, expertise and knowledge to ensure local people are able to fulfill their potential. Coalfield communities had a strong history of unity and we have galvanised local people enabling them to participate in building a new positive sense of community. Our teams will continue to develop innovative ways of delivering these services by working with partners, developing consortia and building relationships with funders and commissioners to provide cost effective solutions that generate high social impacts.