Our Purpose

Why we are here 

Here at the Coalfields Regeneration Trust we are dedicated to supporting and improving the quality of life for the 5.5 million people living in former coalmining communities.

Since the closure of the deep coalmining industry in the UK many areas have struggled to recover and significant issues still remain.

Many of our communities sit within the top 30 per cent most deprived areas in the UK and without the assistance they need they will struggle to be as confident, strong and economically prosperous as they once were.

Our mission is to create opportunities for social and economic growth, deliver a positive lasting impact and ensure former mining communities are not disadvantaged by their past legacy.

Where are the UK’s coalfield areas?

The geographic scale of the coalfields creates challenges given the limited resources we have. However, we have put together a strong infrastructure, built on excellent governance arrangements, with teams operating from offices in England, Scotland and Wales.

Working on the ground allows us to listen to our communities and respond to local needs with specific, targeted programmes of activity and our teams are there to help where we can.

Our Ambition

Our ambition at the Coalfields Regeneration Trust is to continue to champion and strengthen former coalfield communities, to generate resources to respond to their needs and deliver programmes that make a positive and lasting difference.

We believe there is a real imperative to create a dedicated investment programme for coalfield communities so that they too can contribute to economic growth and prosperity.

If we are to realise this ambition, our communities need support from government. Our immediate focus will be to engage with key stakeholders and lobby the UK government for the coalfields to receive a multi-million pound boost over the next five years.