What we do

Core Activities

Building on our work from the last 20 years, we deliver targeted programmes that address challenges caused by the mines’ closure. These programmes are the result of collaborations, investment and direct government support, and each provide a platform to deliver our future aspirations.

Coalfields Community Investment Programme – We offer support and practical help to provide vital finance and capacity building assistance to community based projects.

Coalfields Community Futures – We facilitate the development of community action plans in areas of high deprivation and work with local people to identify resources to put the plans into motion.

Game On – The football focused programme engages primarily with young people from some of our most deprived communities, who may find it difficult to access sporting clubs or  social groups.

Employment and Skills Service – We deliver coaching, mentoring and MATRIX accredited information, advice and guidance to those furthest from the job market.

Community Asset Development and Transfer – We work with communities and organisations to support the retention and development of important assets.

Communities that Work – An area based approach targeting some of our most deprived communities, that brings together our programmes and activities to add value, address gaps in provision, broker collaboration and leverage additional resources.

Strategic Themes

To help us focus our activities on some of the major challenges, we have developed three strategic themes:

• Employment

• Skills

• Health and wellbeing

We are confident that by achieving improvements in these key areas, former mining communities will make a significant contribution to the economic growth and prosperity of the UK.

Core Offer

14 per cent of adults of working age are out of work on benefits, 8.4% claim incapacity benefit and there are only 50 jobs for every 100 adults of working age. Therefore, increasing the number of people in work and creating conditions for new job opportunities, is crucial if we are to strengthen our coalfield communities.

There are nearly 750,000 people of working age with no qualifications. We aim to help grow their confidence and skills by offering them the chance to gain qualifications and access new opportunities.

More than 11 per cent of people living in the coalfields report long-term health problems. This limits the day to day activities of more than 400,000 individuals.

By improving health outcomes, and increasing the number of people taking part in healthy lifestyle activities, we hope to support the wellbeing of those living in these areas.