Communities Working Launch

Communities Working for you – a fresh new name  

By Richard Jones
Development manager for Communities Working

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has delivered employment and skills services for 20 years across former mining areas.  In that time we’ve helped thousands of people realise their work ambitions, however big or small. 

Things have been uncertain to say the least in 2020 but what has remained is our commitment to assisting people into work and/or training.  We offer an information, advice and guidance service to people out of work, under redundancy threat or wanting to increase their hours at work.  With our customers, we’ll create a plan and give them the relevant information to help them achieve their work goals, providing as much or as little help as needed.  We’re very well connected and can usually find the right options for people.

We’ve always maintained a friendly, people-first approach, putting our customers and communities central to what we do. We’re genuinely different; our team has over 70 years’ employment and skills delivery experience between them; we care about our communities; we’re passionate about helping people thrive and we listen.  We give people choices and respect their decisions but we also challenge preconceptions and fly the flag for equality of opportunity.  We believe everyone has something to offer and should be given the same opportunities to succeed.

All this is reflected in our new name – Communities Working, employment and skills support delivered by The Coalfields Regeneration Trust.  Look out for the new logo!

Currently, we support people living in coalfield communities in Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham, and shortly, we’re extending our service to Airedale in the Wakefield District.

To contact us for employment and skills support:

t: 01226 270805




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