Supporting Confidence Through Exercise (SCTE), the charity that works with individuals who have life changing conditions, has been awarded over £6,500 from the Coalfields Community Investment Programme, delivered by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

The funding, which totals £6,570, will be used to allow the organisation to deliver and expand its ‘Pink Ribbon’ programme, a bespoke schedule of exercise classes that are tailored for survivors of breast cancer, with activities planned in Measham and Swadlincote.

The sessions give help to service users to regain strength and mobility, reduce their stress and anxiety levels and enhance and restore their energy.

SCTE focuses on enhancing recovery with condition management, giving participants the chance to improve their confidence and self-esteem when they get involved in a range of activities. The charity encourages those that are going through challenging times, both physically and mentally, with support throughout their recovery process.

Extending its ‘Pink Ribbon’ programme will mean that more women, who are recovering from breast cancer, have access to a gentle, staged exercise programme that has been created for this specific purpose.

Michelle Scott-Worthington, Programme Lead, comments: “For many women who are recovering from breast cancer it can be a hugely daunting. The physical and emotional support which we offer ensures that everybody receives the care that they need during the recovery process.”

“We have seen how popular the ‘Pink Ribbon’ programme has been and to have the opportunity to extend this and to support even more people that want to take part is great. We would like to thank the Coalfields Regeneration Trust for their contribution. It will make such a positive difference to those that engage with the programme.”

Andy Lock, Head of Operations (England) for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, comments: “The programme of activities delivered by SCTE have proven to have a long lasting and positive impact on the wellbeing of residents in Measham and Swadlincote, which reinforces our commitment to three priorities for action; employment, skills and health.

“Through the Coalfields Community Investment Programme, we are able to work with people from across coalfield communities to ensure that they have access to the services that are often delivered by voluntary and not for profit organisations.”