Brook Community Church and Centre, the Shirebrook based group that provides residents with support from activities and sessions it organises, has received just under £10,000 thanks to the Coalfields Community Investment Programme.

The £9,900 in funding will be used to create a HealthWell programme, which will run for 10 weeks, promoting wellbeing courses and providing details about affordable healthy lifestyle options for local residents.

This activity will complement the foodbank, community garden and coffee brook initiatives that are currently offered by the organisation.

Coalfield towns and villages have long suffered with challenges in relation to health and Bolsover is no exception with 25% of the population living with a limiting long-term illness, which is 7% higher than the national average.

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust works with partners across these communities to implement programmes of activity that provide residents with the resources and guidance needed to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Amanda Pell, Chair of the Brook Community Church and Centre, comments: “Having the funds needed to deliver the HealthWell Programme means we are able to reach out to more people, ensuring they have the guidance and knowledge to lead more active lifestyles and make better choices and informed decisions about their own wellbeing.”

“We would like to thank the Coalfields Regeneration Trust for their support. This activity will complement the schedule of activities we already have in place that have a positive impact on those that choose to engage with us here at the Centre.”  

Andy Lock, Head of Operations (England) for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, comments: “Persistent health problems are still prevalent in coalfield communities long after the closure of the mines. The HealthWell programme will allow residents in Bolsover and the surrounding district to lead better lives while also reducing the pressures which currently face vital local NHS services.”

“We know that a healthy community is a strong community and that with the right resources we can make a lasting difference to those living within the coalfields.”

As Brook Community Church and Centre has become a member of Coalfield Community Investment Programme it will continue to be supported by the Trust and will have access to bespoke practical support including access to resources and services such as help with third-party funding applications and bid-writing, to tips on effective promotion and marketing.