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Good Quality, Flexible and Affordable Childcare


Access to local, affordable and good quality childcare services are essential to enable parents and carers to access employment and learning opportunities.  High childcare costs can force many parents and carers to work part time or give up work all together.  The provision of childcare to enable both parents to access the labour market is an essential element in the drive to eradicate child poverty and end dependence on benefits.  


Key Issues:

  • The average cost of childcare in Britain for a child under 2 is £116.25 (25 hours per week)
  • The provision of childcare is central to the tackling of poverty, attainment of equal opportunities, economic development and most importantly, the long-term interests of children.
  • The effects of child poverty can be tackled by the provision of quality childcare and support
  • Help is needed by many families in poverty to enter employment or training and end social exclusion
  • Childcare which is accessible and affordable is necessary to achieve economic development and business efficiency.


What we are doing and what we pledge to do:

  • We will continue to invest in not-for-personal-profit childcare settings to develop their services in former Coalfield communities
  • We will continue to provide flexible and timely development support to not-for-personal-profit childcare settings to ensure their business and governance models are sustainable
  • We will call on the Welsh Government to continue to support the Trust to enable us to support childcare settings
  • We will highlight to Welsh Government the issues affecting not-for-personal-profit childcare settings