More people with money worries will receive free advice to get their finances back on track thanks to a grant aimed at helping them to manage debts and improve their budgeting skills.

Almost £10,000 has been awarded to Doncaster West Development Trust (DWDT) by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to pay for a part-time money advisor to help meet demand for confidential debt support and financial mentoring.

DWDT will use the funds, which total £9,832, to employ a part-time Money Advisor who will work closely with the local community to offer one-to-one, confidential debt support and financial mentoring.

Working on an outreach basis, the Money Advisor will work with people to ease and take control of their financial problems, providing them with the support needed to create manageable debt plans and develop independent money management skills for the future.

Marisa Graziano, DWDT Chief Executive, comments: “Financial problems can really take over people’s lives as even a small amount of debt can spiral into far bigger sums if not managed correctly, which in turn creates serious knock-on effects such as mental health issues.”

“Pay day lenders and the roll out of universal credit continue to cause problems across Doncaster and having somebody in the community to give advice on these issues will be incredibly important to local residents.”

Lynn Utting, Development Manager (England) for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, comments: “Debt problems are not uncommon in former coalfield areas and the appointment of a Money Advisor who will work with people and give them the independent support they need will make a huge difference.”

“Giving Doncaster West Development Trust the funds they need to extend their resource, means they can offer people the guidance they need. In turn, they can manage their debts and have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to responsibly manage their own finances in the future.”