Following the closure of the Longannet Power Station, CRT are working with local residents, businesses and the Task Force Project Team to address the issues they are facing as a result of the recent early closure of Longannet Power Station

We will support local people and communities to identify for themselves the issues and opportunities in coalfield areas, deciding what to do about them, and being responsible for delivering the action that will make a difference.

Developing a more enterprising culture is central to this economic recovery plan. The creation of the Coalfields Impact Hub is the focal point for this, building on the excellent physical and digital links already available locally. The Coalfields Impact Hub will provide a focal point for CRT, our communities, local authorities, agencies (including Business Gateway) in delivering business advice or support within the communities affected. It will also be of benefit to existing and prospective local businesses that otherwise would have to seek remote assistance or travel outside the local area for business or enterprise support. This activity will complement business recovery and growth interventions proposed in the plan including the promotion of entrepreneurial activity and will be a positive statement within those communities closest to Longannet Power station.