"Changing the face of coalfields communities."


Coalfields Longannet Initiative

The Coalfields Longannet Plan and findings from the Community Seminar can be found here.

The closure of Longannet Power Station will have significant impact on the communities of West Fife and Clackmannanshire and it is important that we work with the community organisations locally to rebuild community and capacity following the closure of Longannet and build on the work already undertaken through the Coalfields Community Futures programme. 

The intention is to build on our success by encouraging use of local resources in a way that enhances economic opportunities while improving social conditions in a sustainable way. Our priority is to develop community capacity and create a platform for community engagement.

We will support local people and communities to identify for themselves the issues and opportunities in coalfield areas areas, deciding what to do about them, and being responsible for delivering the action that will make a difference.

The Role Of CRT is to  

  • Be the ‘Community Builder’
  • Invovle residents, commuity groups, local business and staturtory agencies
  • Develop communication channels to ensure communication across communties – Facebook, newsletters, website, community notice board
  • Form a working group – a wider Development Trust to lead on community activity and lobby partners and agencies, particularly in relation to:

Developing renewable energy projects

Transport initiatives

Power Station demolition

  • Form a Youth Action Team to encourage young people to take part
  • Prepare and deliver the Longannet Communities Action Plan with working group