Coalfields Community Investment Programme

CRT Investments offer small levels of financial support specifically targeted at community groups and charitable organisations, enabling them to deliver projects contributing to local regeneration by addressing one or more of our funding priorities of skills, employment, and health and wellbeing.

In 2018/19 CRT made 20 Community Investments totalling £56,286.

Autism in Fife – Lifeskills Inclusion Project

Autism in Fife is a group that was established in response to a lack of adequate statutory support for adolescent and adult ASD sufferers and their carers.

Funding of £2,817 was awarded to provide social activities that are aimed at improving members’ social skills and abilities. Activities are delivered specifically according to member’s needs, and all take place in an environment designed to enhance basic life skills capacity and reduce the anxiety and associated problems caused by social isolation.

The ultimate aim of the project and all the Group’s activities is to enable members to better function with greater independence within the community.

1st Shotts Girls Brigade

The Girls Brigade offers a safe place for girls and young women to meet and socialise. The Shotts brigade is led by 10 volunteers and has 32 members. A major part of the Group’s philosophy is service to others and the community and it is involved in a number of community activities.

They were awarded £640 to purchase iPads to enable them to deliver an introduction to the principles of the safe use of social media. The project also encourages members to access social media in a safe manner as well as raising awareness of the dangers of cyberbullying to both adults and children and will equip them with the tools to recognise and deal with this. The girls will be encouraged to share their ideas creatively through art and music projects.

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