Featherstone Rovers Foundation – Terry’s Story

When 70 year old Featherstone Rovers fan Terry joined the Featherstone Rovers Foundation’s ‘Offload’ project, he was struggling with anxiety and worrying about “everything and anything”. Terry’s anxiety had worsened recently with the challenges created by the COVID 19 pandemic and he was finding it difficult to fall asleep, was impatient with others, was struggling to stay focussed and wasn’t exercising as much as he would like.

Terry had spoken to his family about his mental health but didn’t want to see his GP or access ‘official’ mental health support so the ‘Offload’ project was perfect for him. Terry’s drive to improve his own knowledge about mental health has helped him develop the skills and tools he needs to manage his anxiety. He has also been practicing mindfulness which has helped him relax and improve his sleep.

The skills Terry has learned have helped him notice when friends are struggling with their mental health too and he has brought them along to the sessions. Face to face sessions were allowed to run during the pandemic which has given Terry and the group a place to talk and meet new people. The group have remained in touch and continue to support each other.

The success of the project has meant that participants have formed their own ‘Offload Extra’ group which meets every two weeks at the Millennium Stadium. Each week, they focus on a different topic, invite guest speakers and continue to support each other.

To find out more about the ‘Offload’ project supported by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust and to hear from Terry himself you can watch the video above.

For more information about the work of Featherstone Rovers Foundation go to www.featherstoneroversfoundation.org

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