In order for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to become self-financing by March 2015, the model for the organisation had to change. Fundamentally, investments had to be made that would deliver an ongoing yield that would fund the programmes delivered into the communities. 

As such, CRT Property Investments Ltd was created, a wholly owned sub-division of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. Maintaining our position as the only organisation dedicated to supporting the coalfield communities, we invested in buildings and developments that are situated within former mining towns and villages.

The benefits to this model have been two-fold; we are able to build up a property portfolio that delivers a return on investment through rental opportunities both commercial and residential, and the buildings can be developed and regenerated with the communities in mind.

We now have a portfolio of properties that provide us with a sound financial model. We can also use the properties to create opportunities for apprenticeships and work-based placements, particularly when we create developments from scratch. Furthermore, we are able to build community hubs that deliver invaluable services in areas where we purchase buildings that are then leased.

CRT Property Developments Ltd also works with local government to identify any asset transfer opportunities that may take a derelict building and refurbish it to make it fit for purpose. In these instances we can then use these spaces to offer services such as childcare, training sessions, social gatherings and drop in centres.