Unemployment within the coalfield communities has had a deep and lasting impact since the major mine closure programme during the mid-eighties. Whilst new opportunities exist there are still hundreds of thousands of people out of work facing barriers to connect them to the nearest jobs. 

In every individual coalfields, the 'job density' - the ratio between the number of jobs in the area and the number of working age residents - is below the GB average. 

Across the coalfields as a whole, there are just 50 jobs for every 100 residents of working age. In South Wales there are just 41 for every 100.

The employment rate in the larger coalfields - the share of adults of working age with jobs - is 5-10 percentage points below the level in South East England.  

14 percent - one in seven - of all adults of working age in coalfields are out-of-work and in receipt of benefits.

The claimant unemployment rate in the coalfields - the numbers in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance - is 3.7 percent, only 0.7 percentage points above the GB average. 

As a result of all of our employment focused programmes we have helped more than 25,000 people into work

For further examples of our current employment related programmes, please visit: https://thecoalfieldsregenerationtrust.rit.org.uk/Pages/Category/on-employment