Coalfields COVID-19 Recovery & Resilience Fund

The Coalfields COVID-19 Recovery & Resilience Fund is an interim replacement for the Coalfields Community Investment Programme (CCIP).

Our Trustees recognise the incredible response our coalfield communities have had to the COVID-19 crisis, and have allowed us to alter the funding support we offer to better support the delivery and sustainability of key services.

We are still offering grants of up to £10,000, but committee meetings will be held on a more regular basis  (in June and July) to consider applications that can address local needs during this difficult time.

Priority will be given to organisations that are delivering support services or have significantly adapted their services  in order to respond to the current crisis and support vulnerable people.

We are expecting a high demand for this funding, last year the number of successful awards was just 25% of the total applications received. To ensure your best chance of success please make sure to read through all of the information before applying.

We’re also proud to continue to offer our free Practical Support service remotely for organisations in coalfield areas.

Please see below amendments to the application criteria:

  • You will need to demonstrate how your organisation is addressing the current situation and how additional funding will sustain or extend service delivery
  • If your application is successful, the project must be able to start immediately
  • The project must last for a minimum of 2 months (our expectation is that projects will deliver over a six month period rather than our usual twelve month period)
  • Up to 100% of core costs are available, if required
  • Up to 50% of capital costs are available, if required

Grants are awarded to projects in the top 30% most deprived former coalfield areas:

Guidance on which wards are eligible for funding is downloadable below.

•   North West
•   North East
•   East Midlands
•   West Midlands
•   Yorkshire

Examples of the type of organisations/services we would like to support are as follows (please note this list is not exhaustive):

  • Organisations providing advice, guidance and support to people in crisis
  • Organisations providing food banks, food parcels, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies or direct support to people who are experiencing financial hardship
  • Organisations supporting people who are experiencing poor mental health 
  • Organisations supporting vulnerable people who are experiencing health inequalities, loneliness and/or social isolation
  • Organisations supporting people experiencing domestic violence/sexual abuse
  • Organisations supporting local community activity, including volunteering, and co-ordination of services

Important application dates:

  • Late July 2020 Committee – The Eligibility Survey for this committee has now closed. The deadline for applications is 5pm on 12th June 2020
  • We’ll review and add more dates as the situation progresses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What about geographical eligibility for those organisations where staff are working from home to deliver services?

    State either your organisation’s address or a new delivery location’s postcode where you are now delivering services from.  Speak to the team if unsure as we need to ensure the majority of our beneficiaries are from former coalfield communities.


  • What happens if an organisation is overdrawn or in a poor financial position due to the current situation?

    Our Eligibility criteria is stated in our Guidance Notes which provides a clear directive on organisations in a poor financial situation.


  • Can I apply for this fund if I already have a CCIP award?

    No, as you can only hold one award from CRT at any one time.


  • Can I hold two CRT grants in a 12 month period?

    No, please refer to criteria in Eligibility Guidance Notes for more information.


  • Can I apply if the project will not start until later in the year?

    No, all projects must have capacity to start straight away, and deliver services that are in line with the government’s legally enforced social distancing measures.


  • Can I apply for capital only?

    No, but you can apply for up to 50% of the CRT request to enable your organisation to make adaptations to premises to ensure the health & safety of the public is catered for or if you require equipment for direct delivery purposes or to support your wider project as listed in the guidance notes.


  • Can I apply for project support costs only?

    Yes, but you will have to be clear how all the other delivery costs can be met, and that it does not duplicate funding received from other sources.


  • Can I apply for core costs only?

    Yes, as long as you can demonstrate that it is supporting activities and services in response to the current climate, and it does not duplicate funding received from other sources.


  • What is the timescale for spend?

    We anticipate an immediate start for grants awarded.  Projects must last for a minimum of 2 months with an expected delivery period of 6 months (this would not exclude projects up to 12 months if there is justification, please contact us to discuss).


  • Will monitoring requirements be the same for all projects regardless of duration?

    Yes as detailed in the guidance material, but full support will be provided throughout by our team.


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