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CRT Support working in partnership with Utility Aid

The CRT, through our CRT Support team, is working in partnership with Utility Aid to help our members reduce their energy costs and save money. Utility Aid is the UK’s largest energy broker for the not-for-profit sector and will provide a range of helpful services for our members to get the best deal out there from energy providers. To date Utility Aid have saved its charity customers over £6 million through its Invoice Validation Services alone.

Utility Aid support services for our members include:

Support: Its experts check you’re not being overcharged by your current supplier, offer honest advice on the current energy markets, and can help you plan for changes in energy charges and how they may affect your budget, in the short and longer term.

National Charity Tender: Utility Aid’s National Charity Tender could be a great way for you to save money on your energy bills. UA manages energy ‘baskets’ containing thousands of properties across the UK. By grouping the energy consumption, the basket participants benefit from considerable purchasing power and award-winning aftercare services. 

Procurement: Bespoke quotations based on accurate information with services tailored to your buildings, budget, and vision as an organisation.

Net Zero & Carbon Reporting: Its in-house assessors can support your organisation with making strategic decisions on investment to reduce energy use, including:

  • Set building energy targets and reduce the performance gap.
  • Decide on a timeline of improvement measures to align with maintenance/improvement budgets.
  • Display Energy Certificate (DEC). Energy Use Investigation. Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

For more information on how Utility Aid can help, please use this link

Or call 0808 1788 170 or email please make sure you reference that you are a CRT member organisation.

In securing the best deal for members, Utility Aid will secure fees from the energy providers and the CRT will be paid a modest amount of commission for introducing our members to Utility Aid services. We are committed to reinvesting this commission to support our members through our CRT Support team.

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