Wingate and Station Town Family Centre, a neighbourhood charity providing a range of activities promoting health and wellbeing, has received over £9,000 in funding thanks to the Coalfields Community Investment Programme.

The funding, totalling £9,940, will provide the charity with the resources needed to deliver weekly healthy eating courses titled ‘Cooking Together’. Available for local parents and carers and their children, the sessions will teach cooking skills and the importance of a balanced diet in an informal and fun environment.  

The weekly cookery activities, held every Thursday, provide mothers and children with a space to learn new skills, spend quality time together and build the confidence they need to prepare healthy and nutritious meals at home for the whole family.

Alison Nutter, a Trustee of the Charity, comments: “Preparing a healthy meal for the whole family can be challenging when you don’t have the skills to cook from scratch. We know that local parents want to learn to make healthier meals but often cannot access or simply don’t have the confidence to attend a formal cooking course.”

“By including babies and children in our activities, we are able to create a fun atmosphere where anybody of any ability can take part. Many special memories are created whilst cooking and baking and the ‘Cooking Together’ activity is a great way to facilitate this and to learn valuable skills along the way.”

Andy Lock, Head of Operations (England) for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, comments: “Knowing how to prepare meals from scratch and understanding what ingredients to use and how to prepare them  is vital to leading a healthy lifestyle. Teaching local mothers and giving them the knowledge and skills to cook nutritious meals for the whole family means we are able to leave a positive and lasting impact on the local community.”