At the Coalfields Regeneration Trust we work with partners to implement programmes that get people active, engage them in healthy lifestyles and participate in sport. 

This is in response to evidenced high rates of limiting illness and inactivity. 

In most of the coalfields, the proportion of residents reporting ill health or limitations on day-to-day activities is almost double the level in South East England.
7.9 percent of all coalfield residents claim Disability Living Allowance, compared to 5.6 percent across Britain as a whole and 4.3 percent in the South East. 

The incapacity claimant rate in the coalfields of 8.4 percent - one-in-twelve of all adults between the ages of 16-64 years old - is sky high. 

A healthy community is a strong community and as a result of all of our health inspired programmes, we have enabled more than 225,000 people to participate in health and well-being activities.

For further examples of the partnerships that we have in place and the programmes that we deliver to have a lasting and positive impact on the health of residents living in coalfield communities please visit: