CRT Property Investments Ltd

Previously relying on funding from the government, The Coalfields Regeneration Trust in England was tasked with becoming financially independent. As a result, we developed a model that would allow us to continue with our work to support the coalfield communities, while also becoming financially sustainable in the long-term.

As a result, we created CRT Property Investments Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary that would allow us to generate funds from commercial and residential properties that would support the ongoing work that we do.

Investing in a portfolio of coalfield based properties means that we are able to use these assets to support our work, create an infrastructure in some of the most deprived areas in the country and offer opportunities such as employment and apprenticeships, while still building on our financial independence.


The Trust in Scotland is predominately funded by the Scottish Government. We use our knowledge, expertise and experience of the needs within former Coalfield communities to access additional sources of funding. This includes Scottish Government Adult Learning and Empowering Communities (ALEC) funding. We are also contracted to deliver the Big Lotteries, Our Places Initiative. The Scottish Government's aspiring communities, through The European Social Funds, Investing In Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Futures.  


The Trust in Wales is predominantly funded by the Welsh Government and we use our knowledge of the needs within former Coalfield communities to access additional sources of funding, which includes the European Social Fund, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and corporate sponsorship, such as Comparex UK.  

We are also contracted to provide services and support, which includes: grant management services for the Building Communities Trust and United Welsh Housing Association; development and mentoring support on Community Asset Transfers (Enterprising Solutions and Bridgend CBC Community Asset Transfer Support) and development support on tackling climate change (RENEW Wales).


All teams are proactive in securing funding from other sources, such as grants and contracts, and through income generating opportunities for the benefit of our communities.