Coalfields cash used to empower and encourage women in Broxtowe

Thanks to almost £10,000 from the Coalfields Community Investment Programme, Broxtowe Women’s Project is launching a monthly wellbeing group to help support women affected by domestic abuse.

With a total fund of £9,994, the non-profit organisation will provide a safe space for victims of physical and mental abuse, to come together and take part in a range of activities designed to be educational and engaging.

In addition to the social benefits, each session will address the wider issues of budgeting, literacy and numeracy, which have remained a challenge within this community. As a result, participants will begin to understand how they can implement these new skills to secure volunteer and employment opportunities.

Sarah Dagley, Business and Fundraising Manager at Broxtowe Women’s Project, said: “We have been helping women and families who are affected by domestic abuse to feel safe, secure and in control for almost twenty years.

“The important work we do is only possible through funding given to us by organisations such as The Coalfields Regeneration Trust, and without this support we simply wouldn’t exist.

“With this new financial backing, we will not only be able to empower and encourage these women, but we will also help them proactively increase their chances of securing employment and help them rebuild their lives after abuse.”

Chief Executive of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Gary Ellis, added: “Our three main priorities for action are improving the employment, skills and health and wellbeing of people living in former mining communities. Hearing about the positive impact that organisations like Broxtowe Women’s Project is having means our efforts and interventions are paying off.

“Domestic abuse has a devastating impact on those affected often meaning they are unable to lead normal fulfilling lives long after the abuse has ended. The Coalfields Community Investment Programme allows us to redirect resource and funding where it is needed most.

“While what we are doing is positive, we are only too aware that there is still a job that needs to be done. That is why we are asking for a dedicated coalfield investment fund from government to allow us to scale up our activities, so we can make a difference for future generations.”

The Coalfields Community Investment Programme supports organisations and programmes of activity that meet with three key criteria; to address skills, employment or health and wellbeing.

Over the years it has helped more than 2m people. More than 25,500 people have been supported into work, 5,500 jobs have been created or safeguarded, 1.3m people have received the necessary support to help improve their skills and gain qualifications and over 250,000 people have participated in activities that have improve their health.

For further details about the Coalfields Community Investment Programme (CCIP) click here.

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