Coalfields Covid Adapt and Thrive Programme – Scotland

The Coalfields Covid Adapt and Thrive Programme has been established to support projects as they deal with the specific barriers to operation that the pandemic has created.

The Covid Adapt and Thrive Programme will allow community groups to continue to deliver their projects and to develop new ones by helping to meet the additional financial burden of minimising infection risk, pursuant to current Scottish Government Guidelines on Covid.

Awards of £500 to £5,000 (average £3,000) are available to organisations in our eligible coalfields communities such as community centres, youth clubs, miners welfares, sports clubs etc. that will enable them to reopen post lockdown and re establish a service to their community.

• Altering operations/behaviours – using more rooms with reduced capacity, greater use of outdoor spaces.
• Reducing exposure – adapting traffic flow, erecting signage, setting up cleaning regimes, providing equipment/consumables.
• Developing new procedures – staggering opening times, setting up ‘bubbles’, recording contact details.

Projects should have an impact in one or more of the following key areas:
• Restoring Communities – safely bringing people back together, reducing isolation, enabling people to work together to break down barriers and restore social contacts and networks.
• Tackling Poverty – projects to ensure the distribution of food and other basics to those in most need; healthy eating initiatives.
• Health and Wellbeing – activities to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing, particularly in mitigating the isolating effects of lockdown.
• Youth Engagement- supporting groups working with young people and responding to their needs in the post lockdown environment.

Contact to request an application form. A short phone discussion will be arranged to ensure your project meets our eligibility requirements and matches our themes.

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