Coalfields funding puts spring in the step of Boldon residents

A range of weekly activities for people with disabilities, dementia and those who are lonely or isolated, will now be available at the Boldon Community Association thanks to practical and funding support from the Coalfields Community Investment Programme.

With a total fund of £9,939, the South Tyneside based organisation will deliver a range of activities including zumba, staying active seated exercise, disability walking football, walking football, badminton/table tennis and a monthly social activity.

Boldon Community Association’s manager, Sue Topping, said: “Initiatives such as these are very important as they help to provide safe and secure spaces for people who may often struggle in social situations.

“Thanks to the practical support and funding from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, we will continue to deliver these activities for our community, benefiting those who come together and interact with one another.

“Working in this way means we can provide a space for people to meet regardless of their disability, illness or other personal circumstances, which helps to build confidence, create friendships and relationships that will improve their way of life going forward.”

Chairman of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Peter McNestry, added: “Recent research has told us that the health and wellbeing of people living within coalfield communities typically scores lower than average when compared with the rest of the country.

“So, it is extremely reassuring that Boldon Community Association is delivering these activities to improve the livelihoods of people who may not have access to the help they require. We are extremely proud that our funding and practical support is being used to help promote the inclusion of the most disadvantaged people in the local community.”

As the Boldon Community Association has become a member of Coalfields Community Investment Programme it will continue to be supported by the Trust and will receive bespoke practical support that includes everything from access to resources and services such as help with third-party funding applications and bid-writing, to tips on effective promotion and marketing.

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