Coalfields Regeneration Trust And Sustrans Scotland Making Kincardine More Accessible

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) is working with Sustrans Scotland, a sustainable transport charity, to improve accessibility and transport links in and around Kincardine.

CRT, which helps mining communities recover from the devastating effects of pit closures by supporting local initiatives to improve health and employment, has its Scottish headquarters in Kincardine.

Last year, it moved into the Coalfields Training and Enterprise Hub in the centre of the town, in a refurbished former bank building that had been empty for several years. It is working with Sustrans and other parties to continue the rejuvenation of the town and surrounding areas.

Sustrans works closely with communities, the Scottish Government and local authorities making it easier for people to walk and cycle. CRT and Sustrans recently conducted a session with local pupils, discussing both safe and unsafe ways of manoeuvring around the village and negotiating junctions.

Issues to be addressed by the project include:

•   Connections and networks within the town of Kincardine to identify key missing links and the routes with the most opportunity for improvement
•   Main junction upgrading in Kincardine town centre
•   Improvements and development to the North Approach Road (A876)
•   Improvements to Kincardine High Street, such as better signage.
•   Prioritising pedestrians and cyclists to move around certain parts of the village.
•   This project was a key priority project that was identified in the Go Forth Kincardine Charrette completed in June 2017.

Nicky Wilson, Trustee of Coalfields Regeneration Trust, said: “We moved to our Scottish headquarters in the heart of Kincardine last year, following the extensive refurbishment of an empty former back building in the heart of the town. We have also created jobs in Kincardine and are keen to further rejuvenate the entire area. Our work with Sustrans to improve accessibility and transport links is a key part of achieving our ambitions to benefit local communities.”

Gemma McCluskey, Infrastructure Officer, Sustrans Scotland, said: “We are pleased to be able to support the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, through Sustrans’ Places for Everyone fund, with proposals to make Kincardine more accessible to users of all abilities to walk, wheel and cycle. Helping to rebuild the high street, creating a safer, more welcoming town where people can meet, connect and relax.”

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