Coalfields Regeneration Trust Expands Employment Programme To East Ayrshire

Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) has officially launched their successful employment programme, Coalfields Worx (CRT Worx), in the East Ayrshire region.

The latest addition to the programme was announced by Irene Rowan chairperson of the Zone initiative, who also welcomed Nicky Wilson CRT trustee and Gary Ellis CEO of the CRT.

The CRT Worx programme is part funded by the Coalfield Regeneration Trust and provides employment for one year for young people from East Ayrshire’s coalfield areas.

The project supports one supervisor and three young people to engage in a variety of training and upskilling opportunities. Some of the work they will be involved in is supporting local groups and people across the coalfields communities in developing and growing their own food through allotments or poly tunnels, cleaning up areas that have been neglected and generally helping local people with community regeneration projects.

Nicky Wilson CRT trustee said: “This programme has run successfully across a number of coalfield areas in Scotland, however this is the first time we’re launching in the Ayrshire region. We’re delighted to support these young people at the start of their journey as part of the Coalfields Worx force.”

Stuart Douglas Head of Operations in Scotland added: “This project focuses on the need for training and upskilling of our young people within coalfield areas. Combining this need with greening activity that meets community need is a win-win for the young people and the areas they work in.”

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