Community Programme Builds Back Confidence Post Lockdown

Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) has completed their 10-week fully funded sports work programme at Kelty Hearts FC. The employability programme delivered in partnership with Falkirk Football Foundation aimed to improve the health and well-being, skills and certified qualification outcomes for participants as part of the course. 


Designed for those out of work coming out of lockdown, the programme helped increase confidence, skills and qualifications, enabling individuals to make the next steps towards employment or positive destinations.  


Participants achieved 3 x SQA qualifications, built on their CVs, developed skills including IT, as well as improving physical fitness and making friends as part of the tight-knit group. In addition, the three participants have gained practical experience of interviews, delivering training sessions with local primary schools and attended fundamental coaching courses including their level 1.1 SFA coaching. 


Organisers were delighted with the enthusiasm and energy of all those involved, and the growing  

 confidence they have made towards having a vision with the aim of doing a job or seeking a career they have a real passion for. This was typified with one of the candidates being offered a kickstart position on the last week of the course with Active Schools, Fife. This is one example of the many impacts and outcomes the CRT Sports works programme has had alongside three personable candidates with a positive growth mind-set. 


CRT Trustee Nicky Wilson said: “CRT were delighted to fund and support the programme delivered in partnership with Falkirk Football Foundation over the last 10 weeks at Kelty Hearts FC. It has been fantastic to see the impact the course has had to participants’ health and well-being, confidence and camaraderie as a group. We hope the skill set, qualifications and practical experience each person has gained and built upon will provide a solid foundation for their future. 


“As an organisation we want to see real change for former coalfield communities, many of which are some of the most disadvantaged in the country. CRT Sports works employability programme are making big inroads in supporting this aim and vision.” 


This course ran three days a week over 10 weeks between August and November and has seen massive progress for each of the candidates. Each of those attending has formed great friendships and significant steps that impact on their mental health. One candidate in particular clocked up approximately 240 miles walking to the course each week despite travelling expenses being available as it helped with their health and wellbeing. 

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