It’s Game On for Coalfields with Alex Hobson Appointment

We recently appointed Alex Hobson as Development Officer to support our award-winning Game On England sports programme.

Alex will take responsibility for coordinating and developing the Game On England programme across the Yorkshire region, aiming to improve the health, skills and self-esteem of young people from coalfield communities.

In addition to organising the Football 5ives sessions, Game On Girls and Boys training and the Walking Football events, Alex will also be looking to embed skills development as a fundamental part of the programme’s core offer.

Alex first discovered the lasting impact sport can have on improving the lives of those from deprived communities when he worked at the charitable arm of Doncaster Rovers, Club Doncaster Foundation. During his tenure with the South Yorkshire club, Alex was responsible for the recruitment and development of all volunteers.

Alex Hobson comments: “I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact football can have on young people from disadvantaged areas and how it was capable of changing their lives. Following on from my previous role, I was determined to carry on making an impact in local communities and I knew I would be given the opportunity to do so with the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

“I am a firm believer that participation in sport and physical activity can change lives, but I expect that removing existing barriers to participation will be the biggest challenge in my new role. However, I am determined to encourage as many people as possible to access the programme and benefit from the many opportunities it presents.”

Kat Clarke, Development Manager for Game On England at the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, comments: “Alex’s previous experience makes him a great fit for the Game On England team and he will be able to hit the ground running.

“Football’s ability to bring different people and communities together is invaluable and our programme has constantly strived to improve the health and well-being of people living within some of the UK’s most deprived areas.

“Every year we want the programme to become bigger and better, and we are looking forward to seeing how Alex’s ideas help Game On continue to change the outlook, attitudes and aspirations of younger people living across the Yorkshire region.”

For further details about the Game On England visit our programme area, and for regular updates follow @CoalfieldsRegen or call 01226 272800.

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