Kincardine takes part in Scotland Loves Local campaign

Coalfields Regeneration Trust supporting campaign to help businesses in the area

Kincardine is taking part in the Scotland Loves Local campaign, a national initiative to encourage people to support their own high streets and town centres, with the support of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT).

The aim of the campaign is to encourage all those who live in Scotland to think local first and get out to support businesses in the area, in line with public health guidelines. The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused significant challenges to high streets and small businesses have lost out on trade. Scotland loves Local is calling on people to support such businesses to help them get back on their feet.

The campaign says: “This isn’t just about keeping shop units occupied, it’s about supporting the very fabric of our society and community.” This is part of Scotland’s Town Centre Recovery Campaign, co-ordinated by Scotland’s Towns Partnership (STP) and a range of other partners, including the Scottish Government.

CRT is working with businesses in Kincardine to publicise the campaign and funding has been received from STP. All the local shops are displaying the Scotland Loves Local logo and CRT plans to use the local Facebook page to promote individual businesses each week.

As part of another initiative in Kincardine supported by CRT, the Coalfield Worx team has been working in the village to put up safe distancing notices, install outside benches and seating and planters, spray the pavements with temporary chalk paint promoting distancing measures and place portable outside hand sanitisers.

Kristine Conners, co-owner of Blush Boutique Salon in Kincardine, said: “We’ve had our hairdressing and beauty salon is in the centre of the village for three years. We were really busy when we first re-opened after the Covid-19 lockdown, but it’s starting to get a little quiet. Some people are still on furlough or worried about their jobs and the village isn’t as busy as usual. Most of our clientele are from the local area and I think the Scotland Loves Local campaign will provide a boost for businesses like ours and get more people out and about. As part of the campaign we’ll also offer a Friday Fiver deals on a selected product to encourage customers to come in.”

Lesley Cobban from Garvies pub in Kincardine said: “Our pub in the centre of Kincardine is really popular with local people and we rely on regulars for our business. Since we opened after lockdown we’ve obviously had all the required restrictions in place, including people being seated and no music. Our regulars are still coming but this initiative will encourage more people to the pub as we make it even more welcoming. For example, we’ll have a new bench outside for customers.

“The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is doing a great job in making Kincardine look better through its various initiatives and the Scotland Loves Local campaign should give another boost to the village.”

Angela Davis, CRT community engagement officer and Kincardine resident, said: “As someone who lives in Kincardine, it’s great to contribute to the village as part of my role at CRT. I’m enjoying working with local businesses to help the whole of Kinardine deal with the impact of Covid-19.”

Nicky Wilson, chair of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust in Scotland, said: “We are doing whatever we can to help our local coalfields areas cope with the difficulties that Covid-19 has caused. We’re hoping that people in Kincardine will support the Scotland Loves Local campaign and support their local businesses. This is a time when our communities need to pull together.”



Image shows:  Kristine Conners (left), Pauline Stewart (middle) and Ami Dickson (right) of Blush Boutique Salon

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