Over £7m of social value generated by the Coalfields Community Investment Programme

The Coalfields Community Investment Programme (CCIP), our solution to helping community and voluntary organisations from across England’s 30% most deprived former mining areas combat a lack of resources, has made an incredible impact.

With a focus on improving health and wellbeing, skills and employment, 55 different organisations were awarded grants of up to £10,000 from our funding pot of £500,000. 

The money donated reached 5,889 beneficiaries – and made a difference through 1,372 people gaining increased confidence and skills, 134 finding work, 365 people getting active through regular sporting activity and more.

Through Value Insight, a tool which allows you to measure the success of a social intervention by how much it increases people’s wellbeing, we calculated a return of £7,601,616 of people’s wellbeing. That means that for every £1 invested by the ourselves into the CCIP programme, we now generate £11.20 in social value.

Alongside the funding grants offered, communities are also able to gain free support though the CCIP Practical Support service which offers invaluable help such as organisational support, remote and face to face meetings with a critical friend, and help acquiring funding from any funder.

Up to now, there are 318 members signed up for Practical Support, and 98% of them report being satisfied with the help they’ve received. 

Take a look at our new report below to see the full impact the Coalfields Community Investment Programme has had across the coalfields, and also find out how you can apply for funding now through the Covid-19 Recovery and Resilience Fund. 

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