Over the years we have seen local people and community groups come up with some of the most innovative solutions to local challenges. But we have also seen that sometimes they need a little help unlocking their potential. Constituting a community group, finding funding and recruiting volunteers are some of the common challenges when trying to get locally-driven ideas off the ground.

  • The Coalfield Community Network

The Coalfields Community Networks designed to help community and voluntary groups and those who support them overcome some of those hurdles.

The Coalfields Community Network will, through free membership, offer the following to coalfield organisations:

  • Access to the Coalfields Community Network Website – a portal to help smaller organisations develop their skills and knowledge through a range of practical tools
  • Invitations to 2 Coalfield Information Exchange Meetings (a year)
  • An annual CRT circular
  • Provide opportunities to share best practice with like- minded organisations
  • Access direct support from our Outreach Development Team
  • Funding Advice Hotline

Being a member also means you will be invited to help CRT with research and fact finding about coalfield issues.

Getting a community group up and running isn’t always straightforward.  There’s lots to consider – like whether you need a legal structure, how you will recruit volunteers and staff, where you’ll get your funding.

But no obstacle is insurmountable, especially with a little help. So CRT have prepared a range of ‘How To Guides’ to help you to start unpicking some of these challenges. These can be found here.

  • The Coalfields Community Ambassadors

We have recruited Ambassadors from across the 89 communities that CRT targets, they are already activists and local leaders who currently connect with CRT.  These people have been selected because of their skills and commitment to their communities.  They will come together to learn about their role; meet each other and the staff team, share expectations and share experiences.

The Ambassadors will be the face of The Coalfields Regenerations Trust in Scotland within their local community. As active members of their community they will be able to attend meeting, conferences and events and relay information about CRT, its programmes and any local contracts that affect their areas. They will be a point of contact for groups and organisations to bring back to CRT any issues they have that CRT can assist with or sign post them for additional support. They will assist with photo opportunities i.e. cheque presentations to any local group that have received CRT funding.