Research and Reports

Research & Reports

State of the Coalfields Report

In order to determine the level of deprivation within the coalfield communities throughout England, Scotland and Wales, The Coalfields Regeneration Trust commissioned the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University to create an independent report.

As expected, the State of the Coalfield Report made for uncomfortable reading, reiterating that the communities sat below the national average against almost every indices. In particular employment, skills and health were consistently low, reinforcing the ongoing challenges that need to be addressed.

Using the data collated from the State of the Coalfields Report, we set the foundations for an ongoing strategy that we now have in place with specific targets that we work towards.

Click below to view our State of the Coalfields 2019 report, and our Coalfields Investment Fund (ASK). You can also download the 2014 version here.


Prioritising coalfield communities

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust has built up a strong partnership with the Industrial Communities Alliance in recent years to produce two pivotal documents on former mining areas.

The Ten Priorities for the former coalfields report emphasises the importance of replacing EU funding, support for industry, higher quality jobs and further investment. 

Whilst the Places with Purpose report illustrates the strong identity our industrial towns have, the distinct business opportunities they have to offer and the policies desperately needed to make a difference. 



Further Information

In addition to our library of extensive research which we have commissioned and contributed to, there are many other useful documents that help show why the regeneration of the coalfields is such an important issue.

We’ve put together a handful of these together for your convenience

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