Coalfields Ambassadors

The 2020 programme for the Coalfields Ambassadors includes:

• Encourage suitable candidates from CRT communities to take on an Ambassador role to increase our reach of support in our eligible communities.
• Increase level of engagement at a grassroots level around awareness of CRT training opportunities as part of the CRT training Hub
• Inform Ambassadors of funding opportunities, both CRT funding and other external funders.
• Develop capacity building opportunities that match the needs of the Ambassadors
• Work with Ambassadors to develop content for the CRT Connect web based learning platform.
• Include Ambassadors in the 2020 CRT Network event as part of the official launch of the CRT Connect on line learning platform.


CRTConnect is a web based learning platform currently being produced. The Ambassadors, by using their skills and knowledge of open source learning software; are creating a shared learning space that can benefit everyone, especially our coalfield communities.

CRTConnect will create an opportunity to share learning on how to take community action, building on the learned experience of others. Community activists will be able to:

•   Share what they have learned with others by creating a ‘Course of Action’
•   Find out how to get something done by searching our ‘Course of Action’ library

‘Courses of Action’ are created by others who have already done all the groundwork and learned from experience.

Some examples could include; how to organise a Christmas light switch-on, a fundraising activity, or the asset transfer of a building into community ownership.

Working with our CRT Ambassadors we will build a unique learning resource for the people by the people.

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