Coalfields Community Action

Coalfield Community Action

CRT has formalised ‘what works’ and has been successful in meeting the needs in communities, through the following services:

Governance and Development Support

We continue to develop and improve our programme of capacity building and fundraising support to ensure vital community activity in the coalfields is sustained.


Coalfields Ambassadors

Encouraging suitable candidates from CRT communities to take on an Ambassador role to increase our reach of support in our eligible communities


Coalfields YouthBanks

Coalfields YouthBanks is an established way of working with and supporting young people to help them create a platform to place themselves as key decision makers in their community.


Coalfields Miners Welfare Support Service

CRT has been working with Miners Welfares in Scotland since 2000.


Coalfields Community Network

The Coalfield Community Network is aimed to help community and voluntary groups and those who support them overcome hurdles.


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