Coalfields Miners Welfares Support Service

CRT has been working with Miners Welfares in Scotland since 2000.

For the first decade this took the form mainly of capital and grants for building and service improvements. Twenty nine grants were distributed during this period with an average of £29,400. The largest was £100,000 and the smallest £403.

In the early part of the second decade CRT became less of a grant provider and the focus became more on capacity building and development support.

We are, however, still be able to provide small grants through Coalfields Community Investment Programme and the Coalfields Community Futures programme.

We have developed a number of support services; community asset transfer, enterprise and training, developing organisational capacity, sustainability and resilience and have formal and informal partnerships with a range of agencies able to provide more technical and legal support but do not have the capacity ourselves to target Miners Welfares.

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