Creative Regeneration

Bowhill Bowling CRT

We constantly strive to adapt our services to meet people’s needs. Our approach will encourage people to learn in their own way and reach their own conclusions. 

We intend to build on our creative regeneration experiences across the coalfield communities, and have identified three key elements:

•   Identity and Distinctiveness – Identity is about creating a distinguishing character that draws on the unique nature of a place and its people. It seeks to identify and strengthen that which is special about a situation, and requires attention to detail, affection and care.
•   Local Strengths – Each place has its potential, though it may not be obvious, particularly to those who live there. It may be physical – a geographical position, or a group of buildings whose historic uses are etched into local memory – or intangible, like traditions and stories, or the skills of its inhabitants.
•   Turning Weakness into Strength – Successful schemes using the arts share a capacity to identify potential in the seemingly intractable and difficult. Often this is a run-down building or location whose structures seem inappropriate for our time.

Local Enterprise And Business Support

The regeneration team supports local social and commercial businesses acting as a go between the statutory agencies and residents.  We are building a network of businesses to ensure they work together and a key priority at the moment is to make use of the shop front grants to improve the aesthetics of the High Street.

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