Funding in Scotland


Projects will need to meet one or more of the following themes to be eligible for support from the Community Investment Programme Scotland:

•   Job creation and employment support – projects that create new sustainable jobs within the community, or support people into work, including addressing barriers to work such as childcare or transport.
•   Skills and Training –projects that develop skills for people or provide qualifications.
•   Health and Wellbeing– projects that improve the quality of life for people living in Coalfield communities with health problems, or projects that prevent negative impacts on health and well being.
•   Community Action- projects that build community capacity to help residents address local issues and concerns.


Your project must be based in an eligible coalfield community or be able to show clear and immediate benefits for an eligible coalfield community. Projects must benefit the wider community and an organisation’s members should not be the primary beneficiaries.

Some examples of eligible project costs include (this list is not exhaustive):

•   Purchasing equipment
•   Training
•   Rent/Venue hire for the project
•   Promotion and marketing costs
•   Staff costs
•   Insurance for the project
•   New activities, services or products for social businesses.

The application form asks for a start date for your project. Please remember that the Trust takes approximately 12 weeks to make a decision on an application (when the application and all supporting documents have been provided).

We cannot pay for anything you commit to before we award the grant, or for any activities that have already started.

Please contact the team on 01259 230910 for an informal discussion.

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