Governance and Development Support

We continue to develop and improve our programme of capacity building and fundraising support to ensure vital community activity in the coalfields is sustained. We provide capacity building support to build the systems, skills, people and resources in all 89 eligible coalfield wards.

Our approach involves mentoring, coaching and hands-on support, seeking at every point to transfer knowledge and skills to the coalfield organisation. This will be accompanied by access to relevant information, materials and learning resources.

The one-to-one support is complemented by a series of training workshops and seminars that are open to all coalfield groups and organisations. These will address common issues and techniques (e.g. committee skills, fundraising techniques, the use of ICT, etc.) and provide the opportunity to learn, network, and to share ideas.

Our focus is about assisting the groups and organisations to explore opportunities for trading and to develop into social enterprises.

Finding the resources to fund projects and activities that are important in a community is challenging and complex. CRT provides useful information, advice and training on funding and fundraising to new social enterprises and community and voluntary organizations across coalfield communities in Scotland.

CRT helps with specific funding questions and provides advice and support with funding applications and strategies. In particular, the CRT Team:

•   Helps organisations to identify their funding needs
•   Helps determine the most appropriate types of funding
•   Helps to work out costs and draw up a budget for fundraising, and put together funding plans and strategies
•   Gives advice on funding applications
•   Helps to improve an individual’s fundraising skills and knowledge
•   Refers to other sources of help and advice

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