We have an excellent track record in helping people find work where their circumstances have made it difficult for them to make any progress.

Coalfield communities have higher than average unemployment rates and the challenging economic circumstances have compounded this situation and we have developed direct responses to address this problem. We have also developed a number of education, skills and training packages equipping people with the tools to progress and as a training provider we offer a menu of accredited qualifications to grow skills levels in our communities.

Recognising the direct impact that improved skills and access to training has on the employment opportunities that people are able to take advantage of, this is an area of focus for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

As well as making sure that the communities have access to any national initiatives, we also redirect any opportunities that our partners make available. Giving residents the chance to get involved in training courses or volunteering, which improve their skills, can be life-changing. Creating access to apprenticeship schemes as an example can change the future aspirations of people across a range of sectors.