The Coalfields Community Investment Programme offers financial support specifically targeted at smaller community groups and charitable organisations, enabling them to deliver projects contributing to local regeneration by addressing one or more of our funding priorities of skills, employment, and health and wellbeing.

Projects are delivered in eligible coalfield areas (defined according to historical mining activity and occupancy of the top 20% of deprivation as determined by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation). 

Our application process has been simplified to make it easier for organisations to apply and we are also keen for projects to demonstrate how they can strengthen their capacity by investing in volunteers.

The Investments can be capital and/or revenue, we will accept applications for Awards of between £500 – £5,000 for capital and/or revenue projects. Approved Awards are likely to be in the region of £3,000.

The Coalfields Community Investment Programme is a small fund created to support activities that tackle some of the key challenges that still remain in coalfield communities. The fund is open to projects that deliver in eligible coalfield communities and that will make a positive difference in addressing the following themes:

Skills: Growing the skills of people in order to increase their opportunities

Employment: Developing pathways to increase the number of people in work

Health: Supporting activities that improve the health and well being of all age groups

The Community Investment Programme will support projects which constitute activity for a voluntary/community group or a community/social enterprise. We will prioritise projects that complement the delivery activities of CRT, such as the Coalfields Community Futures Programme and Coalfields Regeneration School, and supporting community ownership projects.

Investments will:

  • Encourage community-led capacity, innovation and services
  • Create an environment in which people can participate and encourage local growth
  • Support the community outcomes identified within the Coalfields Community Futures and Coalfields Enterprise Programme
  • Increase partnership between players which can act as a catalyst for levering in other funds

How to apply:

Simply contact the team in Scotland on tel. 01259 230910 or email [email protected]