"Changing the face of coalfields communities."

Improve Health
Our aspiration is for coalfield communities to be healthy communities and we have a strong track record in delivering activities that engage people in healthy lifestyle activities and sport. We ... Read more
Support Community Enterprise
The Trust has an excellent track record in supporting social enterprise and we recognise that communities are best placed to innovate and define their own solutions to respond to local ... Read more
Provide Opportunities for Children and Young People
Many of our communities are isolated, with poor transport links and a lack of positive activities to participate in for children and young people. We want children and young people ... Read more
Provide Practical Help and Community Investment
We are committed to supporting grass roots community activity and offer funding support to groups whose activities benefit our communities. ... Read more
Deliver Employment, Skills and Training Programmes
We have an excellent track record in helping people find work where their circumstances have made it difficult for them to make any progress. Coalfield communities have higher than average ... Read more