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Coalfields Community Grants (Wales)

The Coalfields Community Grants Programme in

Wales can award grants from £500 up to £7,000.


This programme is for community and voluntary organisations that can demonstrate strongly that a grant will impact positively on people living in the Coalfield communities of Wales.

Grants will be awarded for projects that can be completed within 12 months and can identify clear positive outcomes for people that can be measured.

Projects will need to meet one or more of the following themes to be eligible for support from the Community Grant Programme Wales:

  • Job creation and employment support – projects that create new sustainable jobs within the community, or support people into work, including addressing barriers to work such as childcare or transport.
  • Social enterprise development – projects that support the start-up, growth and development of social enterprises.
  • Skills and training – projects that develop skills for people or provide qualications.
  • Community buildings – improvements which includes projects that reduce the energy costs of community buildings or reduce the carbon footprint of the building.
  • Tackling Poverty – projects that work with the most vulnerable people in Coalfield communities to alleviate the aect of poverty.
  • Health and well being – projects that improve the quality of life for people living in Coalfield communities with health problems, or projects that prevent negative impacts on health and well being.


Application Process

There are 2 stages in completing a Community Grant application.


At the first stage you must complete and submit an Enquiry Form.  On receiving your Enquiry Form we will review it and give you feedback within 10 working days.

We will use the Enquiry Form information to determine if the project fits with the Coalfields Community Grant priorities and appears to be eligible for CRT funding.  We will contact you and update you on the outcome of the Enquiry Form review.  If we think we are unlikely to fund your project, we will explain why.

Application form

If we think that we could support your project, we will provide you with an application form.  Progress to the application stage does not mean a decision has been made to give a grant.  We might also suggest that you provide further information on community need, evidence of demand or to send other information with your application form.  If you decide to apply you will have up to 3 months to complete the application form along with any additional information we ask you to complete.

As part of our assessment of the project we will assess whether a grant would breach European State Aid rules.  This may require us to ask you for further information on your project, organisation and other funding received to date.  Further information on the State Aid assessment and European State Aid rules is available on our website (www.coalfields-regen.org.uk/wales).

Plese read the guidance notes carefully.

Coalfields Community Grants Info – Please read this before completing the Enquiry Form

Enquiry Form – Coalfields Community Grants

Please visit this link for information on the Welsh coalfields wards which are eligible for funding and support.